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International Students:



a)      Minimum 17 years of age.

b)      If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian should be present during counseling.

c)       High School Diploma (HSD) OR General Education Diploma (GED) OR Higher College Degree. If a student does not have a H.S. Diploma, GED, they must take the Ability to Benefit (ATB) exam (offered free at the school). Minimum requirement for passing is 50%.

d)      Students who have graduated from a foreign high school they are required to provide a copy of the diploma, translated in English with credit evaluation.

e)      Valid Photo ID.

f)       Social Security Card (if applicable).

g)      $ 100/- Nonrefundable registration fee

Admission can be conducted by either online/email/mail OR in person with the admissions office.

Admission Procedures: A personal interview is scheduled with an admissions representative when the applicant visits the school. During the interview, the applicant will provide information about their academic and work experience. Upon decision of the potential student to apply to the program, they must complete an admission application and submit it with the application fee to the school. If the applicant decides to enroll, they must sign the enrollment agreement. Students enrolling in Allied Health programs must submit physical and Hepatitis B vaccination forms prior to starting their clinical (in class/lab) or externship, whichever comes first.


Admission Requirements for English as a Second Language (ESL):

For ESL program, the student does not require to have HSD/GED OR ATB. The candidate is required to fill up ESL application form (App 02).

Vocational ESL is a standalone program that is limited to the person who has occupational competencies in their field of interest but because of lack in proficiency in English they are not able to perform work proficiently.  If they could demonstrate proficient English language skills, then these individuals would be better employable.  IHE admits the students who need instruction in English to be able to use the knowledge and skills that they already acquired in their home country language, in order to obtain employment.

a)      Student must meet above admission requirements, plus

b)      Students need to take entrance exam (BEST) offered at IHE before enrolling into the program.  Based on student’s performance in entrance exam, the student will be admitted to appropriate level of English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

Based on the level of enrollment in the ESL program, admission and the total program cost will be prorated.
International Students has special needs for the admission to accomodations.