Institute for Health Education

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Dozens of reason to join, IHE



EFFECTIVE quality education over 25 years

"E"CONOMICAL - There is one fee only -- no airfare, hotel or meals. 
"F"LEXIBILITY - Participate at any time of the day, evening or weekend. 
"F"ACILITATE – Make learning easier. 
"E"ASY TO USE - No downloads no plug-ins, no software to learn. 
"C"ONVENIENCE - Take it from the comfort by travel. 
"T"IME EFFICIENT - No travel, log on at any time from any internet connection. 
"I"NDIVIDUALIZED - Learn at your own pace, train only in the subject area you require. 
"V"ALUABLE – Quality degree of importance. 
"E"NTERTAINING – Provides audio learning instead of boring book-learning.